Tree Fort Productions Presents...

A Film By Michael Savage


Executive Producer
Michael Savage

Michael Savage is the writer and director of Talking To Strangers. He is taking on the huge task of filming ALL the scenes in this original movie, with two or three and sometimes four different sets of actors.

The first actors to be cast in this film were the students in The Total Workshop for Acting, a unique workshop founded by Michael Savage. However, there are more roles in this film than actors in the workshop so auditions had to be held.

During the audition process, he and producer Sarah Pettycrew loved so many of the actors so much that Savage decided to use them all by shooting at least two versions of every scene.

"The actors are the special effects in this film." Michael Savage

Sarah Pettycrew

Brent Williams

Karla Cook

Lucius Bryant

Randi Schmidt

Stephen Page

Erica Mesirov

Cassandra L. Margulis

Paul Fridrich

Katie Galloway

Dominic Renda

Melvina Hayes

Erik Mena

Mark Judson

Justine Elise Flores

Joel Roman

Denyse Kidd

Butch Kania

Erin Hammond

Allyson DeMunda

Alfredo Viramontes

Robyn Sheridan

Frank Morehead

Isaac Harrison

Frank Conn

Weston Pew

Tiffany Angelique Hume

Art Roberts

Howard Glazer

Jay Edwards

James Lemire

Jesselynn Desmond

Marco Arras

Brian Taubman

Kim MacKenzie

Bill Devlin

Damon Christopher

Chance Hurst

Sonia Harte

Oto Brezina

Daniel Fanaberia

David Webb

Ivonne Contreras

Veronica Bennett

Chitta Das

Heather Hewitt

Justin Little

Sarah Bogatti

Bryant Dillon

Kevin Farias

Cassie Jaye

Max Williams

Thaddeus Pope

Deborah Ishida

Kyle Vogt

David Marcc

Ivone Reyes

Claudia Jakab

Tyde Kierney

Eden Grace

Jacques Chan