GENRE: Drama with a "Twist of Faith"

LOG LINE: In a small mining town in West Virginia, five widows haunted by their own demons, question faith and demand justice.


“Widows’ Song” is a work of fiction inspired by actual events.

When a catastrophic coal mine explosion takes the lives of 27 miners in Randolph County, West Virginia, a small group of devastated widows take action and demand justice. Unable to recover their husbands’ bodies, they go on a search for the truth regarding the accident and challenge the grip of the Trinidad Energy Corporation and its’ powerful and feared CEO, Frank McElroy.

Cat Dalton, the charismatic leader of the widows is obsessed with breaking McElroy’s grip on the state of West Virginia and it’s coal mining industry. Each of the widows is haunted with their tragic loss, questioning their faith, values and willingness to sacrifice their own lives for justice. We soon learn about the secrets and unique relationships the 5 women had with their family members and their personal reasons for seeking justice. Can they put their lives back together? How much are they willing to sacrifice for justice? Are they seeking justice or revenge?

Cat’s methods get increasingly dangerous and the women who follow her are forced to doubt the purity of her motives. They are caught up in an extremely risky occupation of the mine where their husbands’ bodies are entombed. The stakes are heightened as their actions could lead to serious personal consequences. Does Cat truly want to loosen McElroy’s grip on the state of West Virginia? What are her personal reasons for leading this group? Is she a prophet or is she just a fanatic?

The women learn more about the hazardous running of the mine and the disregard for human life over profits as they ultimately discover the horrific truth about the day their husbands died. Surrounded by the West Virginia State Police and a crowd of local Randolph County families and friends, including those of other miners, their lives are threatened and a tragic turn of events creates consequences the women never thought they would have to face.

Legends are created and destroyed as this modern-day Greek drama challenges ideas of faith, power and what it means to sacrifice for a cause.





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