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In this competition called The C.A.S.T. Project, a group of actors searched the globe in hopes of finding the perfect one-hour episodic script. The contest launched in 2003 and the submitting writers were presented with a very unique challenge: to write a script with the "cast" already in place. Documenting their ambitious journey of taking this from concept to completion, these actors/producers are creating The C.A.S.T. Project phenomenon, which is proving to be an innovative way of discovering talented writers, actors and a refreshing new television series.

A Scriptwriting Competition with a Twist!
It's already CAST.


THE CAST : (Clockwise from top left) Jenette Kozak, Jeff Sable, Yetem Worku,
Carol Abney, Zander Villayne and Sarah Pettycrew

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The Top Ten Scripts!
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Thank you to all the submitting writers!

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