Imagine this…

A nationwide search for an ensemble group of actors to star in a brand new television series.  

The twist is … It hasn’t been written yet.   

Imagine this…

A nationwide search for a writer and a pilot script.  

The twist is …It’s already cast.

Imagine this… 

Reality gives birth to episodic

The Competitive Acting and Scriptwriting Talent Project



The C.A.S.T. Project is a reality series based on a unique scriptwriting competition launched by Creative Actors Alliance. Writers will be asked to create a one-hour pilot script…The twist is, it’s already cast.

In this perfect combination of “Project Greenlight” and “American Idol” the search is on. America and a panel of celebrity judges participate in the hunt for diverse actors. Writers are then asked to create an original one-hour pilot specifically written for 6 or more of the chosen actors. The top three scripts are picked by industry professionals and produced into presentation pilots and America chooses your next hit show.

The producers get a hot new reality show AND a new scripted series for the fall line-up.


To learn about the company behind The C.A.S.T. Project, The Creative Actors Alliance, click

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