Here is some information on our prestigious judges.
They will narrow the top ten down to the top three and then pick the top three winners
in the order of first, second and third place.
(Click on the name to the left to visit their website and get more info on them)

Click To Open Aki Aleong is an extraordinary actor and writer that has served on the board of the Screen Actors Guild. He has had lead roles in such films as: The Hanoi Hilton, The Independent, "V", and Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.

Adrian Carr is a director, writer and editor that has worked in both film and television. He has directed such shows as Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and The New Adventures of Robin Hood. He also wrote, directed and edited the film, Mind Games.

Click To Open Chip Chalmers is a DGA director with hundreds of television episodes under his belt. He has directed such shows as Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He will also have the role of creative consultant for the competition's presentation pilot.

Click To Open Michael Goldstein is a writer and the creative director for Billy Bob Thornton's company, Meathouse Productions. He has also worked with Brad Grey Television, October Films and served as a reader for Miramax Films, USA Films, Lion's Gate Films and Village Roadshow.

Click To Open Jon Gries is an actor, director and producer that has been cast as a regular on shows likeThe Pretender and Martin as well as co-starring roles in Seinfeld and Beverly Hills 90210. He also produced and starred in the feature film Jackpot and has appeared in countless other major feature films.

Click To Open Liz Hanley of Bicoastal Talent and Literary will be considering the top three winners for literary representation. Bicoastal is based in Los Angeles and Orlando, Florida.

Click To Open Esther Luttrell is the author of "Esther Luttrell's Tools of the Screen Writing Trade" and travels the country extensively doing seminars on screen writing, as well as teaching regularly at the University of Missouri - Kansas City and has a new position as a WGA agent for the Jackson Agency.

Click To Open Shelly Mellott has been Editor-in-Chief of Script Magazine since 1995. She has judged scripts for the Cripple Creek Film Festival and for Script Magazine's Open Door Screen writing Contests. Ms. Mellott has written scripts for numerous commercials and corporate videos.

Click To Open James E. Roberts is a screenwriter and Actor that has written over five feature films, ten short films, and numerous plays that are currently being shopped. He is the official script reader for Billy Bob Thornton and Meathouse Productions (Billy Bob's Company).

Susan Salkow Shapiro has been an agent for over 10 years, representing top episodic television, motion picture and interactive writers. After completing law school she began working with her father, Marty Shapiro, who co-founded the agency 33 years ago. We are delighted to have her on board.

Paul Smith has sold numerous specs and pitches to Los Angeles production companies. Paul has developed scripts and did rewrites for Persik Productions (later became Cutting Edge Productions) and MTA Productions, as well as did some rewrite work for Frederick Golchan at Paramount. He is currently represented by Caren Bohrman of the Bohrman Agency and managed by Zero Gravity.

Mike Wise, Shapiro-Lichtman's veteran literary agent graduated with a B.A. in Telecommunications from USC. He worked as a publicist for Columbia Pictures and went on to produce Broadway plays, television movies and feature films such as, "Nighthawks" starring Sylvester Stallone. He also packaged "Harts of Darkness" starring Mickey Rourke before becoming a literary agent in 1992.

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