The C.A.S.T. Project

Why is the winning script already cast?

Having the cast in place before the script makes The C.A.S.T. Project a scriptwriting competition with a twist.

Why these actors?

The talented actors already cast in this project are the board members of the Creative Actors Alliance and originators of this scriptwriting competition. This dynamic group is renown for proactively taking charge of their careers and creating opportunities for themselves, as well as, other aspiring entertainment professionals.

This diverse group was drawn together by their common passion for the entertainment industry back in April of 1999. Over the years, the founding members have been joined by equally driven and enthusiastic additions evolving the Alliance into what it is today. Carol Abney, Jenette Kozak, Sarah Pettycrew, Jeff Sable, Zander Villayne, and Yetem Worku comprise the team. They are the members who have remained, loyal, dedicated, focused, and optimistic about their success.

The unique chemistry between these actors is due to their diverse personalities, physical differences and their ability to work well together. In the past, they pooled their resources together and contributed their acting, writing, directing, editing, and cinematography skills in order to produce, and star in, their own sketch comedies, short films and theatrical productions. These productions not only showcased their own talents but created many opportunities for other aspiring actors and industry professionals.

The board members of the Creative Actors Alliance contribute to the entertainment community by hosting a free monthly networking brunch, located in the heart of Hollywood, featuring guest speakers who share their insightful stories and advice with the brunch patrons. Such prominent guest speakers have included Charlize Theron, Erin Gray, Jon Gries, Larry A. Thompson and Elliot Gould. They also offer free acting workshops once a month and often coordinate industry parties and events where fellow professionals can have a good time amongst positive supportive peers.

As another way of giving back to the entertainment community, the board members have created The C.A.S.T. Project. This is an opportunity for writers, from all over the world, to get their work read by Los Angeles based judges, win prizes, and be considered for literary representation with the winning script being produced into a presentation pilot!


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