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Eris Talent Agency

Agent: Dee Russo

Los Angeles Branch
Phone: 424-389-0008
Address: 15303 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 900
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Direct Contact:
Cell: 818-383-4462
Email: JeffSable@CreativeActors.com

Creative Actors Alliance Productions, LLC


Gender: MALE
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown (S&P)
Vocal: Baritone


Neck: 16.5
Sleeve: 32
Coat: 44 REGULAR
Waist: 36
Inseam: 29
Shoe: 8

FILM (partial list)
      Kuanza Lead Dir. Ariel Ford
      The Scar Supporting Dir. George Simon
      Echoes of Your Supporting Dir. Henry Quilici
      New Light Supporting Dir. Augustine Escalara
      Welcome To Universal Transport Lead Dir. Kenneth Mader
      LOTTO (filming) Supporting Dir. Zander Villayne
      Monkingjay Parody (Century Link Corpl.) Lead Dir. Jeff Sable
      The New Job Lead Henning Fischer
      Life at the Resort Lead Vapor Trails, LLC
      Psyche on Melrose Supporting                                                                       Dir. Douglas Van Bebber
      10-20 Supporting  Driver Seat Prods.
      Azusa Street Supporting  Dir. Mike Meyer
      Blocked Supporting  Dir. James E. Roberts
      Kvetchin’ of  the Christ Supporting  Dir. Villayne / Stoddard
      Antigone Supporting  Dir. Scott  Stoddard
      Rock Creek Supporting Elysium Prods. - Wayne Baimbridg (Dir.)
      Tuesday in the Gutter Lead Leaf Baimbridge - Dir.
      Tempus Fugit Supporting Wolf Point - Jade Tiger Prods
      Black Hole Supporting Hollywood Star Ent.
      Blind Date Featured Blake Edwards - Dir.
      The Big Blind Featured James Gang Films - David James (Dir.)
      Blues Man Mr. Fats Featured Z-Ville Prods. - Zander Villayne (Dir.)

TELEVISION (partial list)
      COSMIC THERAPY (Pilot) Lead (Series Regular) Michele Ly
      GAMEMASTER:THE HANDPRINT GAME (Web Series) Lead Roar Studios
      ERNIE GOES TO PARIS Lead LMU Studios
      AMERICA'S MOST WANTED Guest-Star Fox Television
      DANIEL THE PROFET Guest-Star Dir. Mike Meyer
      WEEKLY WORLD NEWS Guest Star USA Network - John James (Dir.)
      SUPERIOR COURT Guest Star KCOP Channel 9 (L.A.) - Joseph Behar (Dir.)
      LIKELY SUSPECTS (Pilot) Co-Star KTTV Channel 11(L.A.) - Louis Horwitz (Dir.)
      SAFE HAVEN (Sitcom Pilot) Series Regular (Recurring) Sagacity Prods. - Chris Cho (Dir.)
      MTTV (Sketch Comedy Pilot) Co-Star (Recurring) Thomas States - Dir.
      THE BIKE CHANNEL Guest Star L.A.U.S.D. - Larry Travis (Dir.)
      STAGE 13 (Comedy / Satire) Co-Star (Recurring) Mickey Landay Prods
THEATER (partial list)
      IT'S THE BIZ Ted (Supporting) Promenade Playhouse
      MURDER IN THE BATHTUB GIN Mr. Big Boss / Company Member Brain Brew Entertainment
      HE CAME NOT TO DESTROY Pres. Will Begay Dir. 9ine Mills
      L.A. CONNECTION (Comedy Improv.) Performing Member Kent Skove - Dir.
      HELL'S CUISINART Carp the Bum The Tamarind Theater
      STALAG 17 (Best Supporting Actor)* Eddie Price Coleman - Smith Artistic Co.
      PASSING BY Movie Producer The Tamarind Theater
      THE VIGIL Simon Peter The Complex
      REAL LIFE PHOTOGRAPHS Cliff Spencer The Rose Theater
      CALL OF THE WILD Perrault / John Thornton The Powerhouse Theater
      THE INSOMNIACS Saul Zuckerman USC Stopgap Theater
      LOVER'S LEAP George Farley St. Genisius Theater
      HONEY IN THE ROCK Whitey Hawkins Theater Arts of W. VA.
      THE HATFIELDS AND MC COYS Senator Floyd Theater Arts of W. VA.
      FIDDLER ON THE ROOF Rabbi Milwaukee Comm. Theater
      CAROUSEL Mr. Snow Milwaukee Comm. Theater

      Creative Actors Alliance Improv / Scene Study / Camera Tech (Current)
      University of Southern California Vocal Performance Bachelor of Music
      Tepper / Gallegos Commercials  
      Stephanie Feury Method Acting / Scene Study  
      Guy Stockwell Scene Study  
      Joel Asher Scene Study  
      Michael Cutt Comedy/Improv  
      Robert Easton Dialects  
      Carnegie - Mellon Univ. Music and Drama  

      Vocal Performance (Bach. of Music) Univ. of So. Cal. Various

Performed National Anthem for L.A. Lakers and L.A. Kings for six seasons. Professional Baseball Umpire and Basketball Referee.


Sports: Golf, Tennis, Bowling, Softball, Raquetball, Cycling, Frisbee, Horseback Riding (all styles), Water/Snow Skiing, Billiards, Ping Pong, Swimming, Ice Skating, Firearms, Archery, Stage Combat, Cards (Poker, B.J., Gin, Etc.)

Dialects: American Regional, Hispanic, Italian, Russian, German, French, Armenian, Etc.

Singing: Baritone - Legit, Pop, Country, Jazz