Yetem Kefale Worku is a producer / actress / model / make-up artist who grew up in Ethiopia, Africa. Her native language is Amharic, but she is well versed in English. After graduating high school she moved to the United States with her family to further her education and to explore the Western lifestyle and culture.

After arriving, she decided to go to college and pursue studies in business to help her understand the other side of the arts. While in College, Worku started modeling and began to study acting. She landed modeling jobs for commercials, print work and advertisement campaigns, and she enrolled in the Van Mar Academy of Motion Picture and Television Acting. She says Van Mar, "Changed my life." While at Van Mar, she met a group of interesting, diverse and passionate people.

In 1998, these people joined forces and became what is now known as the Creative Actors Alliance. Worku says, "This group has been growing by leaps and bounds. I am extremely proud to be a co-founding member of the Creative Actors Alliance." Being a member has led Kefale Worku to many opportunities such as the long running host on the cable music program, Mindtrip to Musicland. She was also the inspiration for the character, Raven, written specifically for her in the screenplay Dead Bolt. She had supporting roles in, the Z-Ville Productions of, A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words, The Chair, Blues Man, and Lotto (short), as well as, a starring role in the Creative Actors Alliance sketch comedy, Woman's World. She performed on stage as the character Phillis Wheatley in The Liberty Banner and as the African Sister in the stage production of The Storm is Over. She also was cast for voice-over work in the Angelina Jolie movie, Beyond Borders and portrayed the role of "Actress" in the Oh Really Production of All's Well That Ends Well.

Recently Kefale Worku became a producer to help produce the award winning film, Life at the Resort, the first feature film produced by the Creative Actors Alliance. In addition to producing, she worked as the Key Make-up Artist and also starred as "Samanya". Her next project is the feature film version of "Lotto" which is currently being produced by Z-Ville Productions. She is also producing the feature film, Widows' Song, which is currently in development.

Since she has been in Los Angeles, she has been determined to have fun and succeed at the craft she has chosen. "She is a focused and honest actor, with a look to kill. A bit shy in the real world but, get her in front of the camera and look out. She is the type of person that shows longevity. She is in the business for the love of the business and that shows in her work." Zander Villayne, Director


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