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Trailer for the Ghost Trader movie. Sarah Pettycrew Kania had a small part in this film and was 1st AD.
Stream it today on Amazon.


Watch the trailer for the sitcom pilot, Faith Springs, where Sarah Pettycrew Kania portrays the "bedraggled" Cindy and she had a rough night.


On the red carpet at the Not For Sale premiere with Donald Adamson, Renee Ratcliffe and Frankie Kovar.

Sarah Pettycrew Kania is one of the producers of Widows' Song, which has beens nominated for Best Script at the International Christian Music and Film Festival.

Sarah Pettycrew Kania's first short film screenplay, Searching for Mr. Tall, is a winner at the Christian Online Film Festival.

"I am stepping out of my comfort zone as 1st AD on the JCFilms production, Ghost Trader, being shot in Orlando in January 2022." Sarah Pettycrew Kania

Sarah Pettycrew Kania is happy to announce she has signed with The Newton Agency.


Sarah Pettycrew Kania received a Best Actress in Supporting Role Nomination for her work in the
Michael Gavino film, For the Greater Good in the Back in the Box Film Competition 2016.

Sarah Pettycrew Kania stars as Dee Dee in the Creative Actors Alliance, Award Winning, Indie Comedy, Life at the Resort! Stream it NOW!