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Ht: 5'4"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red

  Walk in the Park Principal Rated C, Dir. David Stidham
  Ghost Trader Supporting JCFilms, Dir. Eric Daniel
  Not For Sale Florida Supporting JCFilms, Dir. Jason Campbell
  Redhead Goes to the Beach Lead Redhead Planet Productions
  Welcome to Universal Transport Lead Dir. Kenneth Mader
  For The Greater Good Lead Dir. Michael Gavino
  Life At The Resort Supporting Vapor Trails, LLC Production
  Lotto (feature) Supporting Dir. Zander Villayne
  Second Class Citizen Supporting Dir. Lalit Jobanputra

The Skeleton Key


Universal Pictures, Dir. Iain Softley

  Day Shift Supporting Fox Searchlab
  Office Banter Supporting Creative Actors Alliance, LLC
  Talking To Strangers Lead Dir. Michael Savage
  Execution.kill Lead Stone Mountain Films
  Hit and Run Lead Tree Fort Productions
  Black Hole Supporting Dir. Jorgo Ognenovsky Lead Dir. Ulli Lommel
  Lich Supporting Dir. Billy Parish
  God's Forsaken Children Supporting Dir. Michael Judd
  Lotto (short) Supporting Z-Ville Productions
  Dead Bolt Supporting Dir. Jeff Mehain
  Blues Man Supporting Dir. Zander Villayne
  The Chair Lead Dir. Zander Villayne
  Living Just Enough Supporting Dir. Paul Mims, LACC
  Faith Springs (Pilot) Co-Starring JCFilms Orlando
  The Dream Team (Pilot) Guest The Sci-Fi Channel
  In Search Of...(Series) Featured The Sci-Fi Channel
  "!" Exclamation (Pilot) Starring Creative Actors Alliance, LLC
  Exotic Feeding (Music Video) Co-Star Dir. James Roberts
  Mindtrip to Musicland (Series) Starring Dir. Kevin Carson
  Living Nativity Angel Woodlands Lutheran Church, FL
  Thrill of Art School Psychologist Mark Taper Auditorium, CA
  American Prometheus Jenny Tamarind Theatre, CA
  Channel Sufing VIII Reporter / Friend / Lady Theater Unlimited, CA
  Channel Surfing VII Stranger / Girlfriend / Roommate Theater Unlimited, CA
  Insert Title Here Mother Mark Taper Auditorium, CA
  Around the World in Three Plays Tammy / Cindy Tamarind Theatre, CA
  Playhouse of Blood Jill La Porte Playhouse in the Foothills, CA
  Available Upon Request    
  Acting for Faith Films Jason Campbell Orlando, FL
  Scenework Michael Savage Los Angeles, CA
  Private Coaching Jeff Sable Los Angeles, CA
  Hey I Saw Your Commercial Workshop Michael Pointer Los Angeles, CA
  Business of Acting / Camera Technique Jeff Sable Los Angeles, CA
  Scenwork / Method Stephanie Feury Los Angeles, CA
  Commercial Workshop Michael Cutt Los Angeles, CA
  Improv / Comedy Steve Cardwell Los Angeles, CA
  Commercial Introduction Nancy Mc Cook Los Angeles, CA
  On-Camera Scene Study Pamela Basker Orlando, FL
  Sitcom Workshop Robin Nassif Orlando, FL
  Florida State University Bachelor of Arts Degree - Theatre  


Creative Actors Alliance - Board Member / Founding Member
The Actors Film Company - Member
JCFilms Production Club Orlando - Member


Roller blading, Volley ball, Basic Ice Skating, Basic Ballroom Dancing, Hiking, Step Aerobics, Biking, Bowling, Yoga, Painting, Drives Stick Shift